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Work is a thing of joy for me. I worship the work that feeds me and pays my bills — the most basic necessities of everybody. It keeps me occupied and sane, and hopefully helps others. Life is meaningless without any work. I wonder if there is or can be anybody without any work!

I like the work that makes me and others happy. I’ll be happy only if I enjoy what I do. Otherwise, I would like to leave it to others who may enjoy it.

I expect my work should improve my life and the life of others…

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In addition to writing software, I also love reading fiction. I always admire how some authors of fiction weave words into beautiful sentences, dialogues, paragraphs, chapters, and finally fill pages to turn them into great novels! They tell the stories of fictional characters so well that I immersed myself in them many times and forgot about my surroundings. I dreamt of writing such fiction one day. In this article, I tell you how my writing space at home made it possible to write a science-fiction novel and publish it this year. It was possible only because I moved from my…

The distances in the Universe are mind-boggling. On the one hand, these in molecules and atoms are so small that we can’t even see or experience them. On the other hand, the distances between planets, stars and galaxies are so huge we can’t even reach them in our lifetimes. In this short article, I’m going to give you a sense of large distances that are not possible on Earth but only in space and extremely high speeds we need to cover them.

We rarely run in our homes to reach any corner, as we can just walk and reach any…

Recent news that NASA engineer, David Burns, proposed an idea for helical rocket engine that can make space travel almost at the speed of light not only amused me but also gave a ray of hope that one day humans would be able to travel to other star systems inside our galaxy and possibly to other galaxies as well. Given that nothing can go faster than speed of light, reaching even close to that speed would be nothing but miracle! At the speed of light, which is approximately one billion kilometres per hour, it takes less than 2 seconds to…

Vidyasagar Mundroy

A software professional with interests in database systems, web applications, NLP, AI, space, travel and trekking. Author of Escape to the Galaxies.

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